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Vote: [Beauty Review] LOVEMORE Butterfly-design Eye Repairing Patch

[Beauty Review] SexyLook 4D Duo Lifting Mask and Lovemore Eye MaskI thought all eye masks were created equal, until I received LOVEMORE’s Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch! It’s in this unique butterfly-shaped mask sheet that fits nicely across the cheeks!

And yes, it contains snail mucin for hydration and aloe vera extract to reduce fine lines. Read previous post on my considerations on snail secretion in beauty products!

[Beauty Review] SexyLook 4D Duo Lifting Mask and Lovemore Eye MaskLol I feel like Bat woman. And Bear Bear photo-bombed!!

I find that the shape of the mask fits really well. The sheet is thin, and so adheres firmly to the skin. Unlike the usual kidney-shaped masks that you just place under the eye, this butterfly-shaped mask doesn’t fall off easily, so you can go about your activities. But of course it’s better to just relax while you’re masking ^.^

Verdict on the LOVEMORE Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch

Check out the Before and After photos!

“20 minutes with the mask gives you sparkly bright eyes!”

The essence is very smooth and light, and there was a lot left in the packet so I massaged it all over my under eye area and cheeks. You can see that my skin is visibly more hydrated and smoother in the ‘After’ photo, compared to dry and rough in the ‘Before’ photo. Although I’m not sure what it did for my eyebags…? Just one time’s use did not yield any major refining of wrinkles, but with frequent use, it just might!

Prolonged staring at the computer screen has given me really tired-looking eyes. I love to chuck my masks in the fridge so whenever I use them, I get an instant perk-me-up and break, away from the screen! 🙂

Where to find LOVEMORE eye masks!

Get 1 sheet for $2.90 and a packet of 5 sheets at $11.90 at, the sole distributor of Lovemore masks in Singapore and Malaysia!

For more information: | Lovemore FB | FB

Disclaimer: Products are sponsored but opinions are my own.

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VOTE: [Beauty Review] Snail Mucin Masks to Heal Your Pimple Scars

[Beauty Review] SexyLook 4D Duo Lifting Mask and Lovemore Eye Mask

To be honest, the idea of using snail secretion as a beauty product is not as appealing to me as say, using aloe vera or cucumbers. It’s just that whenever I see snails crawling across the pathway, I would avoid them like anything! Eating them is still a feat (although I did eat one at Poulet before, YOLO), but smearing their secretion onto my face?? There are a few considerations!

1) Smell

Obviously I’ve never picked a snail up to take  a whiff, which is why my wildest imagination is switched on when it comes to how a snail smells. Haha how do you think a snail’s secretion smell like?

2) Colour

Hopefully I won’t be having any brown stuff on my face… :S

3) Texture

The less slimy/gooey, the better, in order to trick my brain. “See! It’s not the real thing lah…”

So now you know, I’m not a big fan of snails…. 😦

BUT!! I cannot deny that snail slime has super healing properties! The very fact that it is secreted to heal and protect the snail’s foot from cuts as it crawls over rough surfaces makes it believable that it might have the same healing effects when applied to human skin as well. Composed of proteins, glycolic acids and elastin, snail mucin is believed to be able to reduce inflammation, regenerate skin, and heal pimple scarring.

Just for the ability to heal pimple scars alone, I AM WILLING TO GIVE THIS A TRY. 😀

[Beauty Review] SexyLook 4D Duo Lifting Mask and Lovemore Eye Mask

I was sponsored a packet of 5 Escargot Extract Intense Healing 4D Duo Lifting Masks by This time the cotton mask sheet is more elastic, and soaked with 30ml of Natural Certified Hyaluronic Acid (NCHA) infused essence.

[Beauty Review] SexyLook 4D Duo Lifting Mask and Lovemore Eye Mask

What I find absolutely interesting about this mask is that it has 4 ear hooks instead of just 2, due to an additional piece that covers the neck area as well. Just this point alone makes the SexyLook 4D Duo Lifting mask attractive as this feature maximizes essence absorption with the mask sheet firmly held against the skin.

[Beauty Review] SexyLook 4D Duo Lifting Mask and Lovemore Eye Mask

SexyLook has upgraded the material of the mask with High Elastic Fiber and Eco Pure Cotton. It is soft to the touch, not easily torn (very important when you have to stretch it over your ears), and holds the essence very well.

Verdict on SexyLook Escargot Extract Intense Healing 4D Duo Lifting Mask

Remember my considerations above? Haha I had none with this product! It smells good, the essence is lightweight and transparent. Apparently my concerns were unfounded when it comes to using snail slime beauty products. Lol. In fact, I quite like the smell and texture of the essence.

After 20 minutes of masking, I removed it to reveal hydrated and softer skin! The essence is very easily absorbed by patting lightly. It is also non-sticky. I proceeded to massage the essence into my skin and neck area. Very pleasant experience. 🙂

One grouse though is that the mask sheet doesn’t really cover the nose. It’d be awesome if they get the shape right!

Where to find!

Purchase SexyLook 4D Duo Lifting Masks from and get them mailed to you! Secretive is also the sole distributor of SexyLook masks in Singapore and Malaysia.

It is priced at $3.90 for 1 sheet, and $15.90 for 5 sheets. Considered very affordable!

For more information: | FB | SexyLook FB

Disclaimer: Products are sponsored but opinions are mine.

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VOTE: LoveMore Collagen Eye Firming Patch

ust last month, LoveMore launched a brand new series of eye masks – Platinum Eye Whitening Patch (anti-dark eye circle), Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch (anti-wrinkle), Collagen Eye Firming Patch (anti-puffy eyes).

Time for some TLC for the most delicate area of our skin!

And so, I received the Collagen Eye Firming Patch meant for diminishing puffy eyes (for review).

It is packed with marine collagen and green coffee extract to instantly boost the eye contour youthfulness. Sounds really promising yea?

The packaging is like super kawaii~! LOVES ❤

The eye mask comes with ear-hooks, which helps to ensure that it adheres to my skin snugly. It is good for multi-tasking coz it won’t fall off. This special ear-hook design is said to give an ultra-lifting (firming) effect. Well, I would say the firming/lifting effect is negligible with merely one-time usage.

The eye mask material is relatively thin, but not as thin (and fragile) as Heme‘s. LoveMore‘s is of better quality, in my opinion. Easier to apply, and not tearing it unknowingly.

As seen from the above image, the eye mask is well soaked with essence. And, I notice that it features the signature LoveMore “hive pattern” – for better absorption of essence.

It feels very soothing when having the eye mask on. I remove it after leaving on for ~20mins and it still feels pretty moist. Then, I massage the remaining essence into my under-eye area. The lightweight essence absorbs fast into the skin, without leaving any sticky feel thereafter.

I feel that the eye mask is super duper moisturizing! I am sure you can see the difference from the above image (before and after). My eyes become slightly less puffy and… most of the visible fine lines are gone! Woohoo~

LoveMore Collagen Eye Firming Patch is the most effective eye mask I’ve used so far. And, I find that the price is very affordable, only S$11.90 [5pcs/box].

If you have not start taking care of the eye contour, I urge you to start doing so now… especially if you are in your late 20s like me. Prevention is always better than cure. Pamper your peepers and fight the signs of aging now!

***All info and unmarked image(s) are extracted from press release.***

Verlyn Hanru



Vote: SexyLook Organic Aloe Power Soothing 4D Duo Lifting Mask

Besides the launch of LoveMore’s eye mask series, SexyLook also launched a brand new series of 4D Duo Lifting Mask! There are 4 variants to choose from, namely:- Organic Aloe Power Soothing (moisturizing), Escargot Extract Intense Healing (repairing), Pure Ocean Pearl Whitening (rejuvenating), Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydrating (anti-wrinkle).

Based on my current skin condition, I was sent the Organic Aloe Power Soothing variant for review.

SexyLook Organic Aloe Power Soothing 4D Duo Lifting Mask is infused with organic aloe vera extract and Indian pennywarts extract for anti-inflammatory effect to soothe irritated skin. It is also topped with marine collagen to ensure that the skin is moisturized all day long.

It is well soaked with 30ml of NCHA (Natural Certified Hyaluronic Acid) infused essence, but it does not feel too wet when removed from the sachet.

The ergonomic double lifting design is said to help maximize essence absorption. This way, the essence penetrates deeper to keep skin hydrated for a longer period of time.

The new 4D double-lifting (100% cotton and elastic fibre woven) mask is distinctively more elastic, with a nice springy texture. The mask material feels smoother, thicker and sturdier than the ones I’ve tried in the past. The slight thickness does not mean that the comfort level is compromised. It actually feels comfy having the mask on, not too tight.

Its high elasticity enables me to stretch the mask effortlessly for it to better adhere to the skin… except for the nose part. It comes with ear-hooks, also to help with better skin adherance and preventing the mask from falling off (when I multi-task).

My current skin type is combination/dry (sensitive) – internally dry, externally oily. And, that includes visible pores. So when it comes to face masks, I usually prefer hydrating and soothing ones like this, which is infused with aloe vera extract. Anything aloe vera, is always good for the skin 😀

15mins is what it takes to soothe, hydrate and rejuvenate my skin. After removing the mask, I gently pat the skin using fingers, massaging the remaining essence so that it gets absorbed fast. As usual, there is no need to rinse the face after mask-ing.

My skin feels so soft, smooth and supple. No stick feel or whatsoever. I feel that there is a slight firming effect. Just slightly. And, I notice that my pores and fine lines become visibly smaller… almost out of sight.

I am not sure if you can tell from the images above, my skin looks somewhat glowy after mask-ing. You gotta try this awesome mask to witness its effectiveness… really good for your skin!

Verlyn Hanru



Vote:Review: Sexy Look Escargot Intense Healing Mask & Lovemore Platinum Whitening Eye Patch

In this post, there are 2 new items that i would like to review- Sexylook and Lovemore Masks!
First, im going to review on the new 4D escargot extract mask. Do you know that the beauty treatment is kicking off in Japan where clients have live snails crawl all over their faces? Whereby, The slimy snail facial is supposed to be good for the skin and help reduce the signs of aging. So, i suppose any escargot extract, be it in mask or cream, it so goona be a HG and raved item. (It may look gross, but its beneficial for cell regeneration and healing)
(Picture cited from dailynew.dig)
But, im still afraid to have snails crawling around my face. So whats the resolution to that? A mask that is infused with such goodness will be good enough 🙂
A newly upgraded Cotton mask with long lasting organic Hyaluronic acid infused in it. For extra moisturising properties and healing properties. This sheet mask comes with Ear hook whereby “4D” effect for duo lifting properties. Additionally, its super soft as you can see it is certified with NCHA, Eco Certificate. I dont think i see this with any other mask sheet in the market. This is the first. With a better quality mask sheet, you do not need to worry if you have sensitive skin, as this is 100% cotton!
Experience After trying on the mask:
  1. Moisturised
  2. Acne and scars lighten. ( This really helps when you have a sudden acne outbreak, as i can see instant result thereafter)
  3. Repairing and healing effect was instant
  4. Lifting effect, feels tight and lifted
  5. Radiant and oil free feeling
  6. Supple, softer and smoother skin! ( I swear i got this result. After putting on the mask, skincare glides on easily into my skin.
  7. Soothing and suitable for sensitive skin
  8. Brighter Skin the next day
I find this is a mask that is all in one mask, embedds a healing and reparing effect but yet does not forget moisturise and lift our skin especially area around the neck area. Plus Point 🙂
Next, i tried on the Lovemore Platinum whitening Eye Patch.
Now i can tackle my unsightly dark eye circles with this hydrogel cooling eye patch. Leaving on for 15 to 20 mins makes a whole lot of difference. Infused with Melanin Production, with diamond powder to whiten and brighten the eye area. Adding on, platinum and snow lotus extract to bring sparkle to the eyes! This is eye is a slimy cooling patch, so you cant find lots of essence on it. It a gel patch but super cooling when placed undereyes.
Tips: Put the Mask in the refridgerator 30 minutes before using. Your undereyes will thank you for just that little action.
1. Cooling and relaxing
2. Less Concealing needed the next day, BB cream does the job!
3. I wouldnt say this lighten tremendously, but i can see brightening effect around my eyes.
4. Soothe my tired eyes
All in all, im enjoying the masks! If you wanna try them out too but not sure where to get them. You can get them through! Do support them, as they always bring in the best taiwan mask, that i always love and supported.
For more updates you can also like their FB page @ and You can also read about my other post on lovemore and sexylook mask review i did on a earlier days @Lovemore/sexylook Mask Review ! Thanks for reading 🙂

Vote: Advertorial:SexyLook’s Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydrating Mask

Another new series of SexyLook again ! ((;

I was sponsored SexyLook’s Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydrating Mask!

Infused with Hyaluronan, Chamomile Extract, Organic Cactus Extract, Marine Collagen, Loofah Extract


 I love cotton masks cos they’re really soft and feels really comfortable on my skin!

See how soft issit !


4D Masks! Masks w ear hooks are loveeeee!

Extra Lifting Effect while doing mask !


 p/s: The close-up of the vein on my face is a little gross.

But here’s an after photo of using the mask!


I’ve previously been sponsored different kinds of SexyLook’s masks.

Compared to those, this hydrating effect isn’t really obvious on my skin.

However, the cotton masks are really comfortable and also the ear hooks are a plus point ! ^.^

Get yours @ !

Vote for my entry at ♡♡♡


VOTE: Eyes On Me Baby! Smooth and Supple Skin that is really KISSABLE!

Get your EYES ON ME Baby! I am having SMOOTH and SUPPLE skin that can’t make you to stop kissing me ’cause you just simply cannot resist KISSABLE COMPLEXION!

So why am I saying this? It is jolly well because….. Because…..

I am pampering my skin with the new product range from SexyLook and LoveMore!

Let me start with SexyLook new range of mask!

SexyLook 4D Duo Lifting Mask – Organic Aloe Power Soothing

SexyLook 4D is set for effortless skin pampering with innovative mask design
doubled with the finest ingredients.

The double lifting mask is now more elastic, soaked with 30ml of NCHA infused essence to maximize your facial care power.

The Special:

What is NCHA?

Organic Aloe Power Soothing 4D Duo Lifting Mask

My Review:

Let me tell you, when I first tear open the mask, I was really impressed with the generous amount of essence. The whole cotton mask sheet was soaked with the essence and there were so much essence left for later use.

The cotton mask adheres to my face almost perfectly. (The mask above was re-adjusted for photo-taking, hence it is not as per fitting as it is anymore. )

Somehow, I felt that this 4D mask is better than the previous ranges. It is so much fitter and the absorbency is quite well too. It does not dries up easily.

As what you see in the photo above is after I I max stretch the mask for few times. Notice how strong and firm the cotton mask is? :)

Anyway, it is so moisturizing that I can really feel my skin really hydrated and soft to the touch, even after a night! Those blemishes, especially the “fresh” ones, slightly shrink and less irritated after the mask too.

Retail Selling Price:

Sexylook Oragnic Aloe Power Soothing 4D Duo Lifting Mask is selling at S$15.90 for a box of 5 pieces.

Next, lets move on to LoveMore new range!

Lovemore Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch Mask


Eyes are the window to our soul! It is essential to take extra care of the eye contour as it is also the most delicate area of our skin. As we age, skin loses its elasticity and become thinner due to breakdown of collagen.

Prolonged exposure to air-conditioning and sun dries out skin causes fine lines and crowfeets around the delicate eye contour.

The Highlight:


Formulated with the super hydrating snail mucin and aloe vera extract to reduce the sign of fine lines.


This is the first time I came across such a lovely eye mask! Want to know why?


Because it is in a shape of a butterfly! Cute and special isn’t it?! It is really lightweight and it contours to my delicate eyes area perfectly!

It is designed in a way that the mask is able to reach those places that some full mask can’t target on, in this case, would be my nose bridge area. It just adhered to my eyes area so perfectly.

Soon after I had my eye mask on, I can feel that it is really working. I can feel a slight tightening motion on my eyes area, and I usually suffered from slight eye bags problem, but after 15 mins, my eyes feels less puffy and super hydrated!

As I always either stay in the Air-conditioned room and stares at the computer screen, my eyes are more or less quite straining and thank god for this, it just feels so much better! Did I mentioned that it does helps to shrink my pores near the nose area there? Hehehe!

Retail Selling Price:

Lovemore Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch Mask is retailing at the price of S$11.90 for a box of 5.

*PS: Trust me, it is a very very very good eye investment! I am so going to stock up more for this!

All the products mentioned above are available at!

Have you tried them yet? If you did, what are your opinions? And for those who have yet to try, which mask is in your wanted list?

Leave your comments at HERE instead! *PS: I will be giving out the masks for you all to try and test if I am selected to be one of the top 3 with the most comments! So you all know what to yeah?* *Winks*


VOTE: Review: New SexyLook Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydrating 4D Mask

This month, SexyLook come back with a New & Improved power mask using upgraded eco pure cotton mask sheet with ergonomic double lifting design – the SexyLook 4D Mask!
Secretive Singapore sent one of the new mask for my review which is the SexyLook Hyaluronic Acid 4D Mask.
Besides SexyLook 4D Mask, I also received the new Lovemore Snail Mucin Eye Reparing Patch. Click here to read my review on the Eye Patch.

About SexyLook 4D Masks
SexyLook 4D Mask is set for effortless skin pampering with innovative mask design doubled with finest ingredients. The double lifting mask is now more elastic, soaked with 20ml of NCHA™ infused essence to maximize your facial care power.
Smooth & Supple Skin with 100% Cotton
– Cutting edge facial care approach
– Material upgrade with high elastic fiber
– Eco-certified Nano Hyaluronic Acid infused
– Ultrafine molecules penetrate effortlessly
– Moisturizes skin inside-out
– Ergonomic double lifting design maximizes essence absorption

SexyLook Hyaluronic Acid 4D Mask
Hydrating, Anti-Wrinkle
Infused with loofah and organic cactus extract, this mask if the power hydrating pack your skin needs! Marine collagen and chamomile extract aid in moisture retaining for a soft and supple touch!

All details are on the back and side of the box packaging include how to use the mask illustrations.

Expiry date stamped on box and sheet mask packaging.
Mask Sheet
Made in Taiwan. Description in both English and Chinese. Refer box packaging for more info in English.
The mask feels rather thick and heavy.
I feel that the serum provided is just nice with not much extras left inside the pouch after removing out the mask.
The mask on my face feels pretty tight as the elastic fiber pulls the mask backwards when I hook it on my ears. As I’d used before SexyLook 3D mask, I feel that this upgraded version is better because of the texture and elasticity of the mask have improved. Previously, the 3D mask hurts my ears badly that it turned red and the texture was coarser than this one. One thing though, the hole cut-out seem to not fit my nose once again. (Because I have big & long face. Lolx~)
I hook the face piece first then the neck piece, making sure to adhere it nicely all over to reduce air bubbles under the mask and folds at the edges.
I overlap the neck piece a little over the face piece at my jawline as there are folds from the face piece around that area. By overlaying it, it flattens them out.
After 15 mins, the mask look damp and it is slowly drying up, so I removed it before it does. (Read here for why mask need to be removed before it dries out)
Serum left on my skin from the mask.
– mask feel tight, but not overly tight that would cause discomfort
– the ear hook area can still be made better by stretching it bigger in size before hooking on the ears (do this if the mask feels very tight on you)
– adheres to skin well however only the nose area is not fitting enough for me, the mask doesn’t touch my nose bridge area
– serum from the mask has a semi-thick consistency
– serum is not too rich for my combi oily skin
– however I feel it is a little rich for my neck area so I will rinse once after the skin fully absorbed the serum
– the serum left on face feels a little bit sticky
– skin absorbs the serum quickly just by light patting with my hands (after removing mask)
– skin feels pretty moisturized and a little firm especially under the chin area
– skin instantly appear slightly fairer (I can see obvious skin shade difference on my forehead between the area masked and the area not masked)
– my laugh lines look kinda little reddish after removing mask (because the mask is constantly lifting my saggy skin)
– fine lines at my laugh lines appear less visible on the surface
– no breakouts
– a bit itchy on my dry patch area (already on my forehead before using mask, it was caused by hairdye)
It is a good weekly treatment and also best instant double chin lifting mask.
And with that, I end this post by introducing all 4 new masks from SexyLook! ^_^

SexyLook Organic Aloe Power Soothing 4D Mask 5s SGD$15.90/box
SexyLook Organic Aloe Power Soothing 4D Mask 1s SGD$3.90/sheet
SexyLook Escargot Extract Intense Healing 4D Mask 5s SGD$15.90/box
SexyLook Escargot Extract Intense Healing 4D Mask 1s SGD$3.90/sheet
SexyLook Pure Ocean Pearl Whitening 4D Mask 5s SGD$15.90/box
SexyLook Pure Ocean Pearl Whitening 4D Mask 1s SGD$3.90/sheet
SexyLook Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydrating 4D Mask 5s SGD$15.90/box
SexyLook Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydrating 4D Mask 1s SGD$3.90/sheet

Where to buy?
Available at


See more at: