VOTE: LoveMore Collagen Eye Firming Patch

ust last month, LoveMore launched a brand new series of eye masks – Platinum Eye Whitening Patch (anti-dark eye circle), Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch (anti-wrinkle), Collagen Eye Firming Patch (anti-puffy eyes).

Time for some TLC for the most delicate area of our skin!

And so, I received the Collagen Eye Firming Patch meant for diminishing puffy eyes (for review).

It is packed with marine collagen and green coffee extract to instantly boost the eye contour youthfulness. Sounds really promising yea?

The packaging is like super kawaii~! LOVES ❤

The eye mask comes with ear-hooks, which helps to ensure that it adheres to my skin snugly. It is good for multi-tasking coz it won’t fall off. This special ear-hook design is said to give an ultra-lifting (firming) effect. Well, I would say the firming/lifting effect is negligible with merely one-time usage.

The eye mask material is relatively thin, but not as thin (and fragile) as Heme‘s. LoveMore‘s is of better quality, in my opinion. Easier to apply, and not tearing it unknowingly.

As seen from the above image, the eye mask is well soaked with essence. And, I notice that it features the signature LoveMore “hive pattern” – for better absorption of essence.

It feels very soothing when having the eye mask on. I remove it after leaving on for ~20mins and it still feels pretty moist. Then, I massage the remaining essence into my under-eye area. The lightweight essence absorbs fast into the skin, without leaving any sticky feel thereafter.

I feel that the eye mask is super duper moisturizing! I am sure you can see the difference from the above image (before and after). My eyes become slightly less puffy and… most of the visible fine lines are gone! Woohoo~

LoveMore Collagen Eye Firming Patch is the most effective eye mask I’ve used so far. And, I find that the price is very affordable, only S$11.90 [5pcs/box].

If you have not start taking care of the eye contour, I urge you to start doing so now… especially if you are in your late 20s like me. Prevention is always better than cure. Pamper your peepers and fight the signs of aging now!

***All info and unmarked image(s) are extracted from press release.***

Verlyn Hanru



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