Vote: [Beauty Review] LOVEMORE Butterfly-design Eye Repairing Patch

[Beauty Review] SexyLook 4D Duo Lifting Mask and Lovemore Eye MaskI thought all eye masks were created equal, until I received LOVEMORE’s Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch! It’s in this unique butterfly-shaped mask sheet that fits nicely across the cheeks!

And yes, it contains snail mucin for hydration and aloe vera extract to reduce fine lines. Read previous post on my considerations on snail secretion in beauty products!

[Beauty Review] SexyLook 4D Duo Lifting Mask and Lovemore Eye MaskLol I feel like Bat woman. And Bear Bear photo-bombed!!

I find that the shape of the mask fits really well. The sheet is thin, and so adheres firmly to the skin. Unlike the usual kidney-shaped masks that you just place under the eye, this butterfly-shaped mask doesn’t fall off easily, so you can go about your activities. But of course it’s better to just relax while you’re masking ^.^

Verdict on the LOVEMORE Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch

Check out the Before and After photos!

“20 minutes with the mask gives you sparkly bright eyes!”

The essence is very smooth and light, and there was a lot left in the packet so I massaged it all over my under eye area and cheeks. You can see that my skin is visibly more hydrated and smoother in the ‘After’ photo, compared to dry and rough in the ‘Before’ photo. Although I’m not sure what it did for my eyebags…? Just one time’s use did not yield any major refining of wrinkles, but with frequent use, it just might!

Prolonged staring at the computer screen has given me really tired-looking eyes. I love to chuck my masks in the fridge so whenever I use them, I get an instant perk-me-up and break, away from the screen! 🙂

Where to find LOVEMORE eye masks!

Get 1 sheet for $2.90 and a packet of 5 sheets at $11.90 at, the sole distributor of Lovemore masks in Singapore and Malaysia!

For more information: | Lovemore FB | FB

Disclaimer: Products are sponsored but opinions are my own.

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