VOTE: [Beauty Review] Snail Mucin Masks to Heal Your Pimple Scars

[Beauty Review] SexyLook 4D Duo Lifting Mask and Lovemore Eye Mask

To be honest, the idea of using snail secretion as a beauty product is not as appealing to me as say, using aloe vera or cucumbers. It’s just that whenever I see snails crawling across the pathway, I would avoid them like anything! Eating them is still a feat (although I did eat one at Poulet before, YOLO), but smearing their secretion onto my face?? There are a few considerations!

1) Smell

Obviously I’ve never picked a snail up to take  a whiff, which is why my wildest imagination is switched on when it comes to how a snail smells. Haha how do you think a snail’s secretion smell like?

2) Colour

Hopefully I won’t be having any brown stuff on my face… :S

3) Texture

The less slimy/gooey, the better, in order to trick my brain. “See! It’s not the real thing lah…”

So now you know, I’m not a big fan of snails…. 😦

BUT!! I cannot deny that snail slime has super healing properties! The very fact that it is secreted to heal and protect the snail’s foot from cuts as it crawls over rough surfaces makes it believable that it might have the same healing effects when applied to human skin as well. Composed of proteins, glycolic acids and elastin, snail mucin is believed to be able to reduce inflammation, regenerate skin, and heal pimple scarring.

Just for the ability to heal pimple scars alone, I AM WILLING TO GIVE THIS A TRY. 😀

[Beauty Review] SexyLook 4D Duo Lifting Mask and Lovemore Eye Mask

I was sponsored a packet of 5 Escargot Extract Intense Healing 4D Duo Lifting Masks by This time the cotton mask sheet is more elastic, and soaked with 30ml of Natural Certified Hyaluronic Acid (NCHA) infused essence.

[Beauty Review] SexyLook 4D Duo Lifting Mask and Lovemore Eye Mask

What I find absolutely interesting about this mask is that it has 4 ear hooks instead of just 2, due to an additional piece that covers the neck area as well. Just this point alone makes the SexyLook 4D Duo Lifting mask attractive as this feature maximizes essence absorption with the mask sheet firmly held against the skin.

[Beauty Review] SexyLook 4D Duo Lifting Mask and Lovemore Eye Mask

SexyLook has upgraded the material of the mask with High Elastic Fiber and Eco Pure Cotton. It is soft to the touch, not easily torn (very important when you have to stretch it over your ears), and holds the essence very well.

Verdict on SexyLook Escargot Extract Intense Healing 4D Duo Lifting Mask

Remember my considerations above? Haha I had none with this product! It smells good, the essence is lightweight and transparent. Apparently my concerns were unfounded when it comes to using snail slime beauty products. Lol. In fact, I quite like the smell and texture of the essence.

After 20 minutes of masking, I removed it to reveal hydrated and softer skin! The essence is very easily absorbed by patting lightly. It is also non-sticky. I proceeded to massage the essence into my skin and neck area. Very pleasant experience. 🙂

One grouse though is that the mask sheet doesn’t really cover the nose. It’d be awesome if they get the shape right!

Where to find!

Purchase SexyLook 4D Duo Lifting Masks from and get them mailed to you! Secretive is also the sole distributor of SexyLook masks in Singapore and Malaysia.

It is priced at $3.90 for 1 sheet, and $15.90 for 5 sheets. Considered very affordable!

For more information: | FB | SexyLook FB

Disclaimer: Products are sponsored but opinions are mine.

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